Childhood Obesity

Being a mother to an extremely fussy eater, someone who was on the verge of being sent to a feeding clinic and required a nutritionist supervised high calorie diet to get to a “normal” weight, I probably don’t need to worry about childhood obesity! However, Virj’s rapid weight gain over a year from 5 to 90 percentile, does make me worry about the future. I also hate the fact that I’m turning into a nagging mom, just like my own mother who endured a similar problem with me, constantly coaxing my son to eat. It doesn’t help when his grandparents are always commenting on him being thin. Seeing Virj eat seems be the most rewarding thing for us now! However, I wonder when would be the right time to take a step back and whether I’ll be able to do that? Can I become oblivious to his weight gain in the future or am I just being over sensitive to this issue?

The Newsweek article Parents Oblivious to Overweight Kids makes a lot of sense. Especially the quote about parents not knowing where to draw a line:

This is especially true of parents who mistakenly believe their kids are leaner than they are.

Hopefully, Virj’s genes will override his eating habits in childhood and he won’t have to worry about obesity till he’s an adult! And, then we can always blame it on his lifestyle and lecture him about our excellent dietary habits during our own heyday! 🙂

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