Happy Father’s Day!

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves….

Father's Day dinner

I love Dad!


Virj's dessert—Cup of Dirt, which we ended up eating while he licked sugar.

I’m sure you can tell who’s having the real fun. We tried to capture Virj licking sugar off the table….looked like him snorting coke but that wasn’t possible with the slow shutter speed on our camera 🙂 Daddy looks tired but I promised him it’d get easier next year….well, that’s what everybody tells me!

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06 2010

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  1. Amar #

    What a looker! (Virj, not Soam). Looks like Soam should’ve been the one licking the sugar :-). But I can sympathize. I’m perennially tired too. Woke up 5-6 times last night.

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