Mother’s Day

This is my obligatory post for Mother’s Day! Though my day was pretty awful, I had to post something to keep the tradition going 🙂

Virj was very sick over the weekend with a viral infection. He had all the symptoms of Croup — a very bad cough, runny nose and high fever. So, I pretty much spent Mother’s day taking care of him and doing my duties as a good mom! He has recovered very quickly since then though he has been throwing up his dinner every night. Not fun when that happens in the middle of the night, in bed, when everything as well as everyone needs to be scrubbed and cleaned. I hope that will stop once the cough subsides.

However, amidst all this madness, Soam made an effort to make the day a little special for me. He brought breakfast for us before we were up in the morning. My gift was a card and a margarita mix, the later was meant as a joke because of what I was going through…something that would warrant a stiff drink! We already had Tequila in stock 🙂 Unlike last year, Virj was in no condition to scribble on my card this time, so it was a straight forward card from daddy signed as kiddo!

Mother's Day gift

My Mother's Day gift!

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  1. Amar #

    Damn, Soam is really racking up those brownie points.
    I wonder how low the fluid line has gotten on that bottle.

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