Jump, jump, jump!

It was a long winter this year with lots of rain. It was probably nature’s way of compensating for the below average rainfall and precipitation in California for the past few years. In fact, the predictions indicated a drought this year. Hopefully the extended rainy season and our miseries have taken care of that. Who could imagine temperatures in the forties and fifties in the Bay Area even in April? Thankfully it has warmed up substantially since then! Though we were tired of the cold weather, Virj was enjoying more opportunities to jump in the puddles. The heavy rainfall often flooded a portion of our backyard and left behind lots of puddles, which proved to be a godsend for a mom with a toddler. Nothing like finding an activity in your own “backyard” literally, that can keep a little boy occupied for hours! Who knew puddle jumping could be so much fun?

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05 2010

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