Virj’s 4th birthday recap

I know I haven’t updated in ages but I have tons of things to say 🙂 Just haven’t had the time to write them down. So, wanted to start with a quick recap of Virj’s 4th birthday. Virj will turn 5 in a few days and I felt the need to document the memory of his 4th one somewhere. And, what better place than here with a captive audience, I kid 😀

It’s been a very rewarding journey seeing Virj grow up. He’s always had a distinctive personality and, honestly, is not particularly easy to manage but, needless to say, it’s amazing seeing him develop into an individual. Last September we went to Vegas for my birthday and we tried bowling one night. That was Virj’s first time and he loved it. So, we decided to throw a bowling birthday party for him in November of last year. At first, we were skeptical whether it would be an age appropriate activity for preschoolers but the bowling alley staff assured us that they had experience with younger kids.

I made bowling invitations for Virj’s classmates and to my surprise most of the kids attended the party. We held it at Seabowl in Pacifica. If you are thinking of bowling, you might want to check them out. Highly recommended. The staff provided ramps and lightweight balls for the kids and reserved a couple of lanes for us. Afterwards we served pizza and cupcakes in the party room. The party was a huge hit. The parents still tell us about it. It was a special moment for some of the kids who bowled for the first time. In fact one of the parents asked Soam the other day whether we’re throwing Virj’s next birthday there again? Well, if it were up to Virj, everyone would only have bowling birthdays. That’s how much he loved it! AND, he got his first kiss at the end of the party 🙂

Here are some pictures from the day.

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