Mother’s Day Reward

If you ask me, every week should have a mother’s day…probably on the weekend when moms can relax and celebrate the hard work they put in during the week. So a day in the entire year is certainly well deserved by mothers and I was looking forward to it!

So far my memories of mother’s day have been of extreme exhaustion because Virj invariably falls sick around that time. This year wasn’t much different but he temporarily recovered before the actual day.

My mother’s day celebration started a little early when Virj brought back a gift he made in school. I wanted to wait till the weekend to open it but obviously Virj didn’t have the patience and we ended up opening it early…. it was a hand made fridge magnet wrapped in a cute little box that had his photo on top. On the actual day, I woke up to very excited toddler handing over a gift bag in bed. Then he took the presents apart and licked every piece of chocolate before giving them back to me 🙂 We subsequently went out for brunch and even managed to take a rare nap in the afternoon…so overall a very relaxing day indeed!

But, the best gift was when Virj went potty by himself for the first time! It might seem like “too much information” to many but I guarantee that parents of small kids who have changed diapers for 3+ years and struggled with potty training will relate to my sentiment! The joy of seeing the first piece of dooky in the potty was enormous!!! I’ll spare you more details and end my post on that note 😀

Virj's mother's day gift from school

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