Quick Remedies For Lost Voice (Laryngitis)

This was exactly what I was frantically looking for today morning when I woke up with severe sore throat and “no voice”. I needed a quick fix within 2 hours before heading out for an interview. Obviously calling it off last minute wasn’t an option. I found some tips online and tried them all at once! Boy, I’ve never cared so much for my voice before….glad I’m not a singer! Result – I lasted one hour of continues talking without breaking my voice or coughing uncontrollable.

I thought I’d share the list with you so you don’t have to do a similar search, if ever in my position. After all, flu season ain’t over yet!

Hot Beverage – I usually start the day with a hot beverage and have switched from tea to hot cocoa to avoid the excess caffeine. I think hot milk works a little better than coffee or tea if you have sore throat because caffeine can make your throat dry. But, ginger tea with a little clove and honey, can work wonders. Both ginger and honey are antioxidants and have antimicrobial properties. Clove is also antibacterial and helps with bronchial congestion. I was too lazy to prepare the above concoction, so just stuck to my hot cuppa cocoa.

Saline water cleanse – Then I boiled a cup of water with a teaspoon of salt and gargled with it. This cleared up my throat substantially. I called Soam at that point to make sure I sounded normal on the phone. I was still having a little hissing sound in my voice. I read, adding lemon to the saline water helps too.

I repeated the above after breakfast and just before leaving the house, making sure not to drink cold water right after. That along with the sunny weather helped boost my overall spirit.

Cough drops – While I was still few blocks away from the office, I popped a throat lozenge. It was a regular CVS brand honey lemon cough drop with menthol. I prefer the Ricola brand but didn’t have any at home. I drank some water before the interview and that soothed and cleared my throat completely.

My voice is still intact after several hours now and mucho talking though I’m ready to call it a day and collapse in bed! I plan to keep my throat hydrated by drinking more glasses of water today and hope that I don’t have a relapse tomorrow morning!

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