3-year Checkup

This is a quick update/journal entry for myself, so that I remember this milestone couple of years down the line.

Virj had his three-year checkup last week and the results were: Weight: 45 lbs (99%) and Height: 40.5 inches (95%). We think his height is more because he was constantly moving or bending his legs while they were trying to measure him, and because he wears 5T clothes already! His BMI: 19.29 (98%)…oops! Looks like we’ll have to put him on a diet!!! We find this amusing and ironically it is a mark of our achievement! If you recall, Virj used to to be underweight at some point. I wrote about it briefly in one of my earlier posts.

Since birth till around 6 months Virj was 50% all around and then rapidly fell to about 5% in weight (falling off the growth chart) in the first year. He had to see a pediatric gastroenterologist and undergo a lot of tests. Eventually, he was put on a high calorie diet and monitored every month. His gastroenterologist even suggested a feeding clinic in case his weight didn’t improve within a specified period. Luckily, it never came to that and all the butter and cheese, along with gallons of PediaSure restored his position on the growth chart! I remember being very disappointed at around 11 months when his gastroenterologist suggested that I might as well stop breastfeeding because he wasn’t getting enough calories and asked us to add formula to breast milk. I however, continued my breastfeeding efforts for the next 5 months, being a hard-core California mom ridden with purist guilt! For the next year, our (as well as our nanny’s) primary focus was to load Virj up with lots of calories, which by the way, wasn’t easy at all since Virj is a fussy eater and had severe acid reflux. Our carpets, sofas and bed sheets still retain some evidence of that even after several washes and professionally cleanings.

So now you see why we were so happy to hear that our son is on the verge on being over weight! 🙂 Honestly, I’m not worried because it won’t be difficult to get his weight down…all I have to do is stop nagging him to eat! The other observation by his doctor was —

While Virj was bouncing off the walls at the doctor’s office, the doctor once paused and asked us “Is he like this all the time?” Our reply: “Ummm…yeah, and more…”. Then he looked at us and said: “No wonder you guys look tired!”. Again, ironic but it made us happy that somebody acknowledged our efforts! Then the doctor went on to suggest a lot of activities like swimming, soccer, lot of outdoor play, etc to expend Virj’s energy. Is he implying I become a soccer mom? Yikes!! The other day Virj’s teacher at preschool said something similar too. Oh well, this energy runs in the family….my brother was a rambunctious kid and my dad still works like a 45 year old and refuses to retire at 75!

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3-year old Virj (Take #25!)

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