Welcoming 2011

2010 was certainly one of the craziest years for our family! The list of events in our lives and that of our extended family included hospitalizations, surgeries, non trivial injuries of various kinds and, sadly, even deaths. In addition, we had the usual work related stress for Soam and myself, some major ups, some disappointments and challenges of raising an ultra busy toddler. Looking for quality childcare almost seemed to be an ongoing, constant activity for us, particularly in the first half of the year.

Thankfully, in the end most of it worked out well. Soam hit some major milestones in his career, I picked up more work skills and acting/modeling experience. Virj started preschool, grew almost 4 inches and 5 pounds, started communicating with REAL words and is on his way of getting potty trained. We can only pray he doesn’t go through too many briefs and bedsheets in the meantime! Oh, I almost forgot to mention, he completed another paying modeling assignment, this time for AMD.

I also finally managed to lose the last bit of baby fat (yes, after 3 years of Virj) and toned quite a bit. It’s a weird feeling searching the closet for tops that haven’t been worn for years only to find out that, yes, I can fit into them again but now they’re out of fashion. The slacks still work…yippee! Can’t say it was an easy journey and now I’m setting my new goal to lose another 5 lbs…too ambitious?? 🙂

Soam’s post on Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt 3 highlights some of the things that kept us going. I would add the following to that list:

Being Yoga when I needed regular yoga trying to recover from a foot injury
• Virj’s daycare and Calvary Preschool with its very caring teachers. They deserve most of the credit for Virj’s tremendous progress!
• Diane Roby again for the opportunity to work on some fun projects!

We had a great year-end trip to Vegas around Christmas and the last few days of celebration definitely makes me very optimistic for the New Year! I have made no resolutions but hope to apply my experience from last year to make 2011 more successful!!

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