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Halloween Fun

It’s almost a month since Halloween but had to write about Virj’s adventures and his discovery of “kaaki” aka candy! As with most parents with small kids, our Halloween now revolves around Virj. Gone are the days of elaborate costume planning, adult Halloween parties and spending Halloween night in the Mission or the Castro district of San Francisco! Now, it’s kiddie Halloween parties and trick or treating with neighborhood kids. Honestly, I’m thoroughly enjoying this! Last year Virj was a year and half old, so though he enjoyed the parties and distributing candies to the neighborhood kids on Halloween night, I don’t think he really knew what was going on. But, this year he certainly got a better hang of things.

Since, Virj hates wearing a hat, I started looking for costumes without a head piece/cover. We thought he’d make a very cute 70’s rock star given his curly hair and personality. Soam felt he could also be a hippie kid with a flower power ensemble. But, it was really difficult to find the exact costume in his size. On one of our trips to the store, Virj pointed out the Thomas The Tank Engine costume but we decided to ignore that and go with our preference 🙂 After all, this was probably the last year we could dress him up our way. Besides, I don’t think Virj necessarily wanted to be Thomas or understood the concept of a costume but recognized it being a big fan of trains and Thomas by extension.

After a lot of research, we decided to make him Elvis especially because of the white jumpsuit. We knew we would not give him the Elvis hairdo but felt he’d look equally cute with his natural fro 🙂 I ordered the costume and after some alterations at home, it was the perfect fit. I’m happy to report that Virj got a lot of compliments and good use of the costume as he attended several Halloween parties and parades. I even had to wash the outfit twice within a span of 2 weeks…white isn’t the best color for toddler use!

Virj first learned about “poupou” when we took him to a pumpkin patch and later in drawing faces on pumpkins with me. So, he readily recognized his pumpkin bucket when he first carried it. He had a great time at his preschool Halloween ice-cream social but went overboard with excitement when he discovered the joys of treat or treating at Goblin Grotto, a local event at our city recreation center. Thus his introduction to candies! It was a little embarrassing when Virj kept going back for more “kaakies” and this was even before he had tasted any. I guess he found it amusing. And, sure enough he got tons of them…after all, who could resist a cute little Elvis with curly hair and a big smile 🙂 Alas, I had to hide his stash because once he got a taste of a candy, he wanted to open all and lick them (not eat though, hah!).

Subsequently, we took Virj to more Halloween parties, parades and house-to-house trick or treating on Halloween night. The neighborhood we picked was a very popular one in the Peninsula where hordes of people came for trick or treating. It was quite an experience, reminded me of Durga Puja (the main Bengali festival) in Kolkata. It was fun for a while but not ideal for small kids, especially if you need to lug along a stroller.

Here are some snapshots to highlight the moments!

Virj exploring various poupous at a pumpkin patch

Displaying his artwork on the pumpkins

Fun activities at the preschool ice-cream social

More Halloween parties

Treat or Treating

Elvis with his bucket of candies

Halloween decoration



11 2010

Baseball Widow

Does this sound like a cliché? It might, but still I thought of relating my saga from the last few months. I’m pretty sure, if it weren’t baseball, it would have been some other sport like basketball, football, tennis or cricket. So, no offense to baseball! I’m just thankful that it’s not all of them at once!

Anyway, coming back to my story, my husband is a huge Giants fan, ta-da!!! So, you can imagine he has been a tortured soul for years not quite acknowledging his true love for the team. But, this season, he emerged from his shell – early on in the season I might add – and decided to support the team full-heartedly. I’m happy to see the outcome and genuinely excited about Giants winning the World Series! But, it hasn’t been an easy journey for our family, or a quick conversion for me (well…I have to admit I’ve followed the last few games reluctantly). Maybe my experience is reflective of the difficult journey the Giants team members made this year and the transformation they’ve had (?). Torture!

Virj supporting the team.

Soam’s excuse has always been that watching baseball is his best form of relaxation after a crazy workday. I didn’t complain at first when he started spending all his “spare time” watching or following baseball on TV, Internet, radio… etc. Yes, “spare time” was a luxury this year too as he worked round the clock most days! Imagine the plight of his wife and child…. Even when he was ready for some family time, there was baseball blaring from the radio in the background. We had many arguments over him not paying attention while having an important discussion with me….hmmm, tuning out your wife is a not a smart move, LOL!! Having Roku and the access to the Major League Baseball channel didn’t help things a bit. He watched old recordings when a live game wasn’t on. Sometimes, Virj would switch off the TV or hide the remote to get daddy’s attention.

So, you can imagine Soam’s tension last evening during Game 5. He was sitting on the edge of his seat and getting annoyed at Virj for hovering in front of the TV. But, in the end all the tension and frustration paid off, as the Giants emerged victorious! Hah, it does sound like a long, torturous battle, when I say that way. But, I’m glad to have my life back and a happy husband who can now discuss baseball without cringing at his wife’s ignorance. To that I say — GO GIANTS!!!

The San Francisco Giants celebrate after winning the World Series. Photo: David J. Phillip; Courtesy: ABC7 Photos.


11 2010