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Virj started preschool a month and half ago and is obsessed with it! We knew he would have no problems adjusting given his incredibly friendly demeanor but are surprised by his immense love for school. It has been an ordeal picking him up after hours β€” he has to be dragged out kicking and screaming every time. We are happy that he enjoys school so much but it’s a little embarrassing when he cries on seeing us. We can assure you that’s not a testament to our bad parenting but to the fact that Virj loves to be around people πŸ™‚ He’s a real party animal…we just hope he slows down before his teens!

Virj has made a lot of progress since he joined school including his interest in art! I’m very excited about it being a creative person myself and having a strong interest in visual art since childhood. In fact, I inherited that from my mother’s side of the family which is full of self-taught closet artists!

Here’s a sneak peek into the life of a preschooler β€”

Virj posing in front of the school with his artwork in hand

Virj and trains β€” inseparable!

Virj's artwork I

Virj's artwork II

Making bracelets at the Halloween party

This last photo summarizes Virj’s personality β€” relentless rock star with the perfect hair to match πŸ™‚

Elvis showing his moves at the school party


10 2010

Borderline Celebrity

I’ve been suffering writer’s block for the last month as well as some social media aversion….I guess, the later is inevitable πŸ™‚ So, didn’t know where to start my next post. Luckily, I came across this video on Xtranormal today and thoughts came rolling in:


Does the title “Borderline Celebrity” now make sense? I’m not even close but I just like the term. And, don’t we all social media converts aspire to be one in this day and age with our tweets, Facebook updates and blog posts? I digress but this is especially true for actors (traditionally the only people who could reach celebrity hood easily), we are hungry for recognition! Lately, I’ve been going to a lot of auditions and feeling somewhat baffled by the selection process. I’ve had similar experiences to the above video β€” for one, a lot of my calls come in last minute and I often have to drop everything else to attend the audition. Of course, I can decline too and I’ve had to do that a lot in the past when I had a full-time job with a very unaccommodating boss. Thankfully, I have more flexibility in my current day job to be able to make room for these adjustments. Just like the video, however, I was particularly discouraged by one of my recent experiences.

I got a 9 page script the night before and after a lot emails/phone calls back-n-forth realized that I needed to prepare one page of it for the audition next morning. The client’s undecidedness should have been evident at that point because the script was for a male character, which they wanted a female – me – to read. I was asked to enact the role in two different moods and heard a few oohs and aahs of appreciation in the background when I left. However, I didn’t pay much attention because from prior experience, that doesn’t really mean anything. It’s the first step to a very long, complicated and vague process.

I received a call from my agent few weeks later, when I had practically forgotten about the audition, regarding my availability for the shoot, as I was the client’s “first choice”. However, that proved to be nothing more than an temporary ego high when I didn’t hear back again. A few days before the shoot date, for which I had made myself available, I called to confirm and learned that the client had decided to go an entirely different route, in other words…they had decided to drop my character entirely! The only plus to this ordeal was that I know I didn’t suck at the audition …probably the only few times I’m not likely to wonder why I didn’t get the part in spite of being perfectly suited for it! With that feeling I continue on my adventures as an actor and the quest to become a borderline celebrity!


10 2010