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Lazy Mom’s Day!

Apparently, today is National Lazy Mom’s Day! And, why not? If there can be days to celebrate every confectionery and relationship in America, why should lazy mothers be deprived? But wait, isn’t the term “lazy mom” itself an oxymoron? Are mommies allowed to be lazy? Motherhood is hard work and there’s no time to slack off. I would have been a lazy person in some other universe but as a mommy living in a highly competitive environment, I’m an epitome of efficiency, LOL! I exaggerate but that’s what’s expected of us! However, I’m sure other moms like me would appreciate the gesture if there was a holiday attached to it, a day off just for mothers and not the rest of the family…wow, that sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Alas, that would never happen and so the day is mostly useful to the retail industry as a marketing gimmick!

However, I was lucky to have the day off and hubby could spare some time too. So, I tried to relax a little — slept in late, went out for lunch and a movie, hit the gym for an hour and now playing with my son….which is of course is getting interrupted by my blogging 🙂 Hence, I’ll be off now to attend to my numerous mommy duties and spend the rest of the evening trying to catch up for the time lost lazing around. Sigh!


09 2010