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The Big Owie

Last weekend started off well with lots of social activities but all plans went downhill (literally) when Virj tumbled down a slope in our friend’s backyard. Luckily he only had an inch wide scrap in his left knee. I freaked out a little when he fell and am still embarrassed about it. But, Virj sprung back on his feet within minutes and spent the rest of the evening jumping around and playing with the other kids, still wearing the same swim trunks (dry of course) that he had on when he fell. He didn’t seem to even notice his band-aid covered wound.


Virj trying out the piano at our friend's place after the fall

However, all hell broke loose the next day afternoon when we tried to take him out of his jammies and change the bandage. He had a total meltdown seeing the wound and didn’t want us to touch it. He kept crying even after we changed his bandage and refused to move his leg, stand up or walk. This was a huge surprise because Virj is an extremely active and tough kid, who can’t sit still for a second. He’s also had much worse falls, bruises and cuts in the past but nothing ever dampened his spirits. Seeing him so distressed, we decided to call the after hour pediatric nurse hotline. At that point it was hard to even continue the phone conversation with the nurse while Virj howled and cried in the background. Obviously, we were asked to see a doctor immediately to rule out a fracture or an infection. So, instead of going to a birthday party, we drove up to the pediatric after hours clinic at CPMC in San Francisco to get him checked. We were relieved when the doctor diagnosed it as a minor injury. She however mentioned that Virj was probably going through a psychological trauma, this being his first experience of pain he could remember. He is at an age where fear, anxiety as well long term memory of things have started to develop.

So we’ve been following the same routine for the past 2 days — Virj stays in his jammies for most of the day, playing happily and forgetting about his pain, till it’s time to change and take a bath. Today I sent him to daycare for few hours so that he could play with the other kids and forget about the injury, which has worked well so far. Both at daycare as well as home, we are trying to cheer him up my putting stickers on his band-aid and making it look cool. Hopefully, he’ll get over this soon and we can prepare for his big day next week — first day of preschool!

big owei

Badge of honor


08 2010

Natural Childbirth

I love The Onion Magazine‘s fake magazine covers. Thought this one was particularly relevant to us moms in the modern age!

The Onion Magazine cover

I remember being extremely idealistic about the childbirth process and wanted a natural birth. Obviously, living in Northern California, it is easy to get obsessed with that because everyone else is touting natural living. Unfortunately, my plans of having a water birth with the assistance of a Doula were dampened by my baby who decided to stay stubbornly in breech. My doctor tried external aversion therapy to turn him but he went right back. He’s a stubborn kind of fellow in general so, looking back, that should not have been a surprise. I ended up having a planned c-section! I was almost in tears when my doctor told me that was the only option remaining. In retrospect, I find my reaction then to be silly! Childbirth was just the beginning of a long endurance contest that is “child raising.” The mother’s body quickly recovers from the delivery but takes on even more beating during the first 3 years (and counting…???) of child rearing. Sweet god, will the sleepless nights ever end? Oh and not to mention breastfeeding!!! I did that for 15 months and hated every bit of it, primarily because I was pumping most of the time as my son weaned himself off earlier! I no longer want to be morally superior than my fellow mamas!

So what have I learnt from this? “Go with the flow!” I’m a perfectionist, so it’s extremely difficult for me to let go of my ideals but I’m learning to deal with the reality of parenting. The truth is nothing ever works like in the books but at the end what matters is having a healthy and happy family. So, my house is never perfect, my son doesn’t eat his veggies regularly and watches more TV than I would like, but somehow he’s growing like a weed and is always smiling (when not throwing tantrums)! What else can I ask for? πŸ™‚


08 2010