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Soam & I are gearing up to collaborate on some video projects and Breathe is our warm up piece before we start digging deep into hours of footage we shot in India. The project was initially started as part of an assignment for Soam’s yoga class. So we thank our wonderful yoga instructor Diane Roby for her inspiration!

Here’s a little description about the piece:

Our day to day lives, ordinary as they are, are full of little indignities, friction, stress and strain. All of these mini earthquakes add up. We put this project together as a reminder to ourselves to pause and inhale deeply once in a while. To breathe!

Breathe! from Soam Acharya on Vimeo.

Enjoy and don’t forget to send your feedback!


06 2009

Virj on the Escalator

Virj discovered the escalator few days ago when we were at the mall. He was fascinated by the moving rails and kept touching it from outside. So we thought “why not give him a taste of the real thing?” Soam took him for a ride on the escalator and he was ecstatic. What goes up must come down but this picture will stay with us for a while as it marks his first experience on the escalator!

First time on the escalator

First time on the escalator


06 2009