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Virj at the park

We have been taking Virj to the park on the weekends to wear him out and he loves it. He gets restless if he is indoors all day and starts taking the house apart. Though he is still fairly young for the play structures, he just likes wondering around and climbing the stairs. His favorite is the swing. He just can’t get enough of it and it’s always a struggle when we have to leave. Here are some snippets from our last trip to the park in San Mateo.

Virj at the playground

Virj at the playground

Virj with daddy at the park

Virj playing with daddy


04 2009

Celebrating Easter

We never celebrated Easter as a family but I always had friends who did and have memories of them bringing back lots of goodies and decorated eggs after the Easter vacation or spring break. This year I was reintroduced to it after taking my son to the Spring Fling party held by the San Bruno Mothers Club. Though my son didn’t quite understand the whole concept, he enjoyed picking up eggs and putting them in baskets during the egg hunt. On Easter Sunday, we decided to go up to the city for a stroll and was pleasantly surprised to see the big celebration at Dolores Park. Apparently, this was the 30th anniversary celebration of the Easter Parade organized by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Luckily I had my camera with me and managed to take some candid shots of the event. Here’s a little excerpt from the trip, along with Virj getting a stuffed Shrek doll from one of the organizers!

It was a great way to celebrate Easter and learn yet another thing about San Francisco!


04 2009

Social Networking

For the longest time, I tried to stay away from all the social networking websites because I didn’t want to add more distractions to my life. As it is, I’m always pressed for time and wanted to channel my energies into more creative projects. However, I was forced to explore this area as part of my current job. As it turns out, social networking is a very big component of viral marketing these days and though I hate to admit, I’m pretty impressed with Facebook — besides the mindless microblogging (aka twitter), it does provide a lot of options for small businesses to advertise and gain an audience. Though at times irritating, updates and constant reminders are necessary in today’s web-centric world. It’s like playing the same commercial again and again on TV so that it leaves an impression. And of course, who can overlook the benefits of finding and keeping in touch with long lost friends!

I also tried using MySpace but didn’t like the interface. It still seems to have a pretty good following but is in need of an extensive makeover in order to compete with Facebook. As for twitter, here’s an excellent video, which explains what it does:

But hey, I’m guilty of using it too….a little promotion (self or otherwise) won’t do any harm 🙂 Who cares if we go brain dead in the next decade….as long as our children don’t follow our footsteps, lol!


04 2009