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I have been thinking of starting a weblog for the past one year and never got around to doing it. Life has been particularly busy in the last year especially in taking care of a new baby. I moved to the Bay Area at the height of the boom and soon experienced the bust, the gradual recovery and now the recession. It has been a roller coaster ride. And, ever since we had our baby, I felt the need to write down my thoughts and experiences as a new mom in the Bay Area more essential. But, like I said, most of them remained in my head and it’s only now that I can finally put them in writing.

I will use this blog to express my thoughts and talk about my experiences as a mom, professional and a struggling artist/filmmaker in the Bay Area. I admit that most of the posts will be personal tales but I promise to keep them interesting and entertaining. Since, I didn’t get a chance to relate my stories in the past, I might flashback to some my experiences in the last year.

Thanks for reading my post and please visit again soon!


02 2009